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“This is simple and easy to read. I recommend it to those serious about getting out of debt and on the path to financial independence.  You cannot read it without getting excited about your financial future." --Jim Davidson, nationally syndicated columnist whose column has appeared in 250 newspapers


"This book discusses the inability to save money in the face of the rising cost of living. It is a fine recommendation for those who find themselves with an empty wallet the day after payday." --Midwest Book Review


"This is powerful! As a banker for the past 25-years, I believe that people need to go back to basics. This is entertaining, good value, and it is a book you want to reread! Share it with young people so they can start their financial life in the right direction." ---Oscar Dominguez, Vice President and Group Manager, Union Bank

“All Americans, from Main Street to Wall Street, must become better managers of their resources, now more than ever. Sam and Heidi’s book helps readers make wise choices. This book will add real value to their lives. I highly recommend it.”—Anthony Scaramucci, Skybridge Capital founding and managing partner, and author of “Goodbye Gordon Gekko, How to Find Your fortune Without Losing Your Soul”



Are you wondering...why can’t you save money?
This book makes it easy!

Does your money run out before your month does?
Ever wonder why you have trouble saving money? 
Let “TheSmartestWay™ to Save” rescue your wallet!

This quick-and-easy guide is filled with tips, stories and suggestions to help you save on:
* gas
* clothes
* cars
* parties
* food
* so much more
You will learn how to:
* handle money problems
* deal with money situations with friends and family
* pay off your credit cards
* live within your income
* become financially independent
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Our mission is to help you find smarter, easier ways to save your money, increase your options, and succeed in all areas of your life.We would love to email you our 26 Principles of Financial Independence.
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Your partners in savings success,
Heidi and Sam
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